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W11 – Inscription by Lin Biao for “Chinese People’s Liberation Army” Stamp Issued by Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications on July 26, 1965

On February 1, 1964, the People’s Daily published an editorial entitled “National Studies to the People’s Liberation Army”, calling on the National People’s Army. On August 1, 1965, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications issued a special 74 “Chinese People’s Liberation Army” special stamps, reflecting the fiery scenes of the entire army learning Lei Feng and the entire army’s military training, prominently and vividly shaping the image of the PLA’s era. In the same year, Lin Biao, the deputy prime minister and defense minister, invited the stamps to mark the stamp: “The People’s Liberation Army is a team armed with Mao Zedong Thought and a team that serves the people wholeheartedly. It is therefore invincible. Team.” The philatelic magazine published the inscription in the 8th issue of 1965 and subsequently archived it. However, whoever thought that this paragraph was signed by the party’s leadership inscriptions, after three years, brought a group of people to the catastrophe.
After the Cultural Revolution began, the revolutionary situation was unpredictable and rapidly deepened and expanded in all corners of society. In 1968, the staff of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications found this Lin Biao inscription manuscript in the file, and it was ridiculous to blame the relevant departments of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications for “dare to arbitrarily detain the important instructions of Comrade Lin Biao.” As a result, a critique against the leadership of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications broke out.
At the same time as the leaders of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications accepted the criticism, the mass organizations suggested that the inscription of Comrade Lin Biao be made into stamps issued nationwide. This proposal was immediately taken seriously by the Military Commission. In June 1968, the military representative of the Stamp Distribution Bureau designated the head of the design office as “a political mission” and “designed the stamps as quickly as possible”. On July 1, the leader of the Military Production Management Headquarters issued a “consent” for the stamp design draft, and is scheduled to be issued on the occasion of the 41st anniversary of the founding of the army in August 1.

Basic information

RELEASE DATEAugust 1, 1968PPINTING PROCESSShadow carving

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Due to historical reasons, the Cultural Revolution stamps have fewer worlds, resulting in high value and high collection value.

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(1)¥0.08Lin Biao inscription50 million pieces


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