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The Whole Country is Red (W14)

During the “Cultural Revolution” in September 1968, the revolutionary committees were established in 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions except Taiwan. To commemorate and celebrate this event, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications decided to issue a “National Mountain River Red” stamp on November 25, 1968. The face value is 8 points. The stamps are for the workers, peasants and soldiers holding the “Quotations from Chairman Mao”. In the background, the red flag of the “Revolutionary Committee” is a red ocean and the scene of the workers, peasants and soldiers warmly cheering. Above is a map of the People’s Republic of China. Painted in red, printed with the words “National Mountain River Red”, the stamp size is 30 mm × 40 mm, the perforations are 11.5 degrees × 11 degrees, and the whole number is 50 (10 × 5). Shadow version. Printed by the Beijing Stamp Factory. The philatelist is called “a piece of red.”
The stamp was first published in Beijing on November 25, 1968, and was issued less than half a day. An editor of a China Map Publishing House found that the stamp on the Chinese map was inaccurate and did not show the Xisha Islands and the Nansha Islands. He reported to the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications through the organization. After the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications discovered the problem, it was urgent to stop the post office in all parts of the country and the stamps should be returned in full. However, some stamps have been sold in advance by individual post offices, resulting in a small amount of stamps flowing out. “A piece of red” has become a famous treasure in the New China stamps because of its small number of deposits, and is listed in the world’s rare mail.
On October 19, 1996, China Guardian ’96 Autumn Auction, a “national mountain and river red” straight double company, original rubber, top grade, reserve price of 210,000 ~ 230,000 yuan (RMB), with 30.25 million yuan (RMB). On April 20, 1997, China Guardian ’97 Spring Auction, a “National Mountain River Red” stamp, with the right side of the paper, the original rubber, the top grade, the reserve price of 580,000 ~ 600,000 yuan (RMB), to 748,000 yuan (RMB) transaction. The China Stamp Expo held in Guangzhou on October 1st, 1997 exhibited for the first time a new 50-page “National Mountain River Red” stamp. This edition is called the “National Treasure” class, and the market price is more than 10 million yuan (RMB).

Basic information

PerforationP11.5×11SET NUMBER OF PIECES1
CURRENT PRICEAbout $1,500,000

Collection suggestion

Due to historical reasons, the Cultural Revolution stamps have fewer worlds, resulting in high value and high collection value.

More information

(1)¥0.08Workers, peasants and mapsUnknown


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