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C5 – Defend World Peace (1st Series)

The war, the disaster brought to mankind is profound. The two global wars in the world are still fresh in people’s minds. But after the Second World War, new war dangers still exist. It is in this situation that the World Conference on the Defence of Peace emerged. It was launched in February 1949 by the International Liaison Committee of World Cultural Workers, the International Federation of Democratic Women and 75 prominent individuals from 17 countries. The purpose of the conference is to unite and demand the reduction of armaments, strive for international security, national independence, banned atomic weapons and those who moderate international tensions and jointly defend world peace. The first conference was held on April 1949 in Paris and Prague and attended the conference with 2,200 delegates from 72 countries. On April 25, 1949, the General Assembly adopted the “Declaration of the World Conference on the Defence of Peace” in Paris, Prague, to promote the struggle of the people of the world to defend the peace against war. The first session of the General Assembly established a standing committee. The committee met in Stockholm on March 1950 and published the famous Stockholm Declaration on the Prohibition of the Use of Atomic Weapons. To congratulate the victory of the first World Peace Conference, which played a major role in safeguarding world peace, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of China issued this set of commemorative stamps for the “Defend World Peace” (Group 1). Reprinted on January 10, 1995.


Basic information

SIZE26mm×36.5mmNUMBER OF PAGE PIECES50(10×5)

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Collection suggestion

In the collection market of stamps, stamps to protect peace and cherish peace have emerged in an endless stream, defending world peace (group 1) as a veteran-level stamp on the theme of defending peace in China. It chose the peace pigeon of the famous Spanish painter Picasso. The ticket pattern symbolizes the yearning and cherishment of peaceful life. Due to the limited printing technology at that time and the long time, the current world’s defending world peace (the first group) is rare, and the price will be relatively expensive.

More information

(31)¥400Peace pigeon1.5 million pieces
(32)¥800Peace pigeon3.5 million pieces
(33)¥2000Peace pigeon700,000 pieces





Republished January 10, 1955.

(31r)¥400Peace pigeonUnknown
(32r)¥800Peace pigeonUnknown
(33r)¥2000Peace pigeonUnknown




On August 1, 1950, the Northeast Paste (Northeast Coin) was issued.

(34)¥2500Peace pigeon500,000 pieces
(35)¥5000Peace pigeon800,000 pieces
(36)¥20000Peace pigeon500,000 pieces




January 10, 1955, Reprint of Northeast Paste (Northeast Coin).
(34r)¥2500Peace pigeonUnknown
(35r)¥5000Peace pigeonUnknown
(36r)¥20000Peace pigeonUnknown




The original and reprint are distinguished mainly by the lantern’s floral insinuate.
1) The paper of the reprinted ticket is white and thin, and the original ticket paper is slightly yellow and thick.
2) The “Chinese People’s Post” printed on the reprinted face and the face value, due to printing presses, has concave marks on the back.
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