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2012-1 – Renchen Year

The zodiac appeared in the Han Dynasty of China, and its origin was related to the observation of the sky by astronomers. Heavenly Stems refer to the 甲, 乙, 丙, 丁, 戊, 己, 庚, 辛, 壬, 癸, and the Earthly Branches refer to 子, 丑, 寅, 卯, 辰, 巳, 午, 未, 申, 酉, 戌, 亥. The genus is the twelve animals used to record and indicate the birth year of a person. The twelve genus is artificially formulated and basically belongs to a concept of time. According to the arrangement of the Chinese lunar calendar, 2012 is the Year of the Dragon, the Year of the Dragon.

The dragon is the only fictional animal in the zodiac. It has a very high status in the hearts of the Chinese people and is now a symbol of the Chinese national spirit.

The dragon, derived from the strange imagination of the ancients, is composed of a variety of animals and natural sky. It is a kind of animal with good change, cloud, and wealth. As a tribal totem of the Chinese nation, it crosses the long history and becomes a mysterious and majestic image in the development of a long and ancient civilization.

The dragon is a symbol of the Chinese nation. All the descendants of the Yellow Emperor and the Chinese children claim to be descendants of the dragon. The dragon as a universal cultural imagination is closely linked to our social life.

The design of the Lantern Year of the Dragon is based on the shape of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The Ming and Qing Dynasties are the heyday of the Chinese dragon pattern. The dragon shape follows a strict program, and even the angle of the curve, the scale claw shape has strict specifications. The image of the dragon, on the one hand, expresses strength and authority, on the other hand, it reflects the expectations of the people for evil spirits and good fortune. The frontal dragon image in the stamp pattern is majestic and solemn, coloring and festive, and is full of vitality, giving people confidence and strength. It can be said that the design of the Renchen Year of the Year stamp achieves the perfect combination of history and modernity.


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This set of stamps is the first set of Chinese cultural celebrity stamps. Lu Xun is a great Chinese writer, thinker and revolutionary who has made great contributions to China’s cultural undertakings, so he became the first writer of the New China stamp.

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1-1¥1.20Renchen Year62.5 million pieces

Layout2128mm×180mm3.5 million sheets

Layout3120mm×130mm6.05 million sheets

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